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About KHDesigns

I got my bachelors' degree from Lehigh University in 1999.  After testing the fashion industry, I went to work for an interior design firm in NYC.  I left the job with a love of the field and went back to school attending New York School of Interior Design.  I started Kimberly Handler Designs is 2003.  My passion is residential design, renovation and new construction.

I developed a love for old homes and architecture at a young age.  I find it exciting to walk into an old home and imagine what once was and imagine what it could be.  Any structure can be amazing, the challenge of bringing it back to life inspires me.

Growing up on the East Coast my taste initially lent itself towards traditional, although I have always liked breaking the rules and favored adding something unexpected.  In 2015 my family and I had the opportunity to move to Malibu, CA for a year.  Personally, it was an amazing experience, however professionally it changed me.  It was from the experience that my design flourished.  I love taking east coast tradition and mixing it with west coast modern.  The two can co-exist beautifully together.

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